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Big beach


Another of the most beautiful beaches of Punta del Diablo for its pronounced bay. Starts on the Rivero's hill where you can see all the people of Punta del Diablo, and ends at the whale spotter inside the national park of Santa Teresa.
You can enjoy the calm waters like a natural pool. It begins with moist sand and ends with gravel sand.
In some sections of Playa Grande could be seen topless practice.
Viuda forest


It is a forest located in the Viuda area??. Among the flora you can see a wide variety of trees such as curupi, eucalyptus, acacias and pines. Part of the fauna is made up of hares, weasels, deer, skunks, birds like the chingolos, viuditas, churinche, parrots, storks, lark, golden brown, gulls and owls.
Black Lake

Black Lake or the Dead, for its proximity to "cerritos" or indigenous burial. With an area of ??27,000 hectares, is surrounded by native forest, palms, swamps, with a large number of species of birds and mammals.
It can be accessed by boat to the Biological Station of Santa Teresa Potrerillo, a protected area to observe nature in its absolutely natural.
Santa Teresa Park
Has 3,000 hectares and more than 2 million trees.

Although Rocha is a land of great forests of native trees in Santa Teresa decided afforested with a comprehensive approach, including exotic and native plants.
The result is a spectacular park, maintained and clean, with vegetation designed with great aesthetic sense. It has the nation's largest rose garden with over 330 species of roses.